Ny blogg :D

Denne bloggen er lagt ned !! Besk www.charitemusic.wordpress.com for min nye blogg/hjemmeside :D


My sunday

I started this day with a lunch, together with the boys from Mental Audio. It was soo cosy! :D

Then I was ready for a fotoshoot with My Nyguen :) Pictures will be posted on the blog as soon as they are done!

The photographer :)

behind the scenes ;)

Thank you for all the fun today My ! :)

Now, it's time to go to bed, because I'm going to PARIS tomorrow :D!!

Au revior!!


Shoes for Paris!

There's only three days until I'm in Paris! I can't wait! :D

And therefore I had to buy some new shoes for my stay (A)

Love shoes from Friis & Company!



I bought myself a new camera today! WEEE! I just had to have it before I go to Paris and New York!!

Can't wait to take some amazing pics of the Eifeltower and Times Square !!:D

Later this evening I went to the studio and recorded some more vocals on our latest track!

The producers; Eirik and Aleksander :D

Have a nice weekend everyone! <3


Right now....

....I feel like this :D

HAHA ! from weheartit.com

There are so many things that's gonna happen for me this spring!! It's so exiting :D


This is where the magic happens!


Im going to NYC !!

Im so HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! Cant wait to go to New York in May!! :D Its a dream come true !!

Cant tell you so much about the trip yet... but Ill come back with more details!!

...... But I can reveal its about my music ;D


Off to work!

Have a nice day people! :D

- And btw, listen to Willow Smith's new single ; 21st century girl!! Can't get it off my miiiiind :D

The black dress is from Agape


black shades

My favorites!

Let the spring come!


Sunday = Yoga

Just got home from a yoga class :D It's the best workout ever!

Picture from google

...And now its time for some vocal training!!

What have you been up to this sunday?


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